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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bush Clan Cashing in on Iraq War

By Circles Robinson
November, 2005

With the troops shooting at shadows and the body bags flying home on a daily basis, President Bush says the Iraq war is right on course, despite the fact he said it was over 2 ½ years ago.

I often wonder if that outlandish claim might mean more than meets the eye?

The Iraqi government and army are progressively taking charge, claimed the president and his Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld over the weekend.

Nonetheless, the generals on the Persian Gulf battlefields and the reporters bold enough to leave their Baghdad hotels are well aware that there is nothing further from the truth.

Ground zero reality has led many observers to say President Bush is against the ropes. They cite his popularity ratings, now below 40 percent, with several scandals circling the White House. I prefer to differ.

The president already won reelection in 2004, despite the revelations that the pretext for going to war was a bold face lie and his stellar handling of the post 9/11 period. He can’t run again and Jeb can wait until 2012 if necessary.

Meanwhile, high domestic gas prices and more destruction to rebuild in Iraq are like candy to a sweet tooth. Every bomb dropped, Humvee set aflame, house gutted, helicopter lost, oil pipeline destroyed is another bomb, another Humvee, another helicopter, another home and another pipeline to replace at a premium price.

The oil bonanza has meant increased wealth for the Bush clan. Halliburton, associate and likeminded corporations are making money hand over foot with huge contracts received without bidding and little need for wartime bookkeeping. We’re talking 12-digit figures at the expense of US taxpayers and consumers.

Yes, maybe some Republicans aren’t going to ask the president to campaign for them in the 2006 mid-term elections and yes the Democrats may pick up some seats like often occurs to the party facing a lame duck.

However, that doesn’t mean things are going so poorly for George W. Bush. He has already accomplished what his father couldn’t.

Unless the president can be personally tied to the widespread Pentagon corruption occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan, or a related cover-up, we will most likely be stuck with him and his war until January 2009.

For the opposite to occur it will take more than three legislators with the guts to say enough is enough whenever given the chance.

Hats off to Georgia’s Cynthia McKinney who stated at the House of Representatives on November 18: “The best way to support the troops is by bringing them home now.” The congresswoman further noted: “The occupation is headed down a dead-end because as long as US combat forces patrol Iraq there will be an insurgency.”

When the last US marine was airlifted out of Saigon on April 30, 1975, it appeared that a lesson might have been in the works. But to the contrary, American amnesia set in and only 28 years later the US finds itself in another quagmire.

Yet there are winners and losers. The winners being those that profit from war and global insecurity and the losers the estimated 100,000 plus Iraqi civilians, the over 10,000 dead or wounded US soldiers and the families and friends of all the victims.


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