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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Smart Bombs for Fallujah and Children in the USA

By Circles Robinson
November, 2004

One fine early November day when the hawks flying around the president reelect warned of a coming blitzkrieg on Fallujah, Iraq, an F-16 fighter plane unloaded 25 rounds of 25mm projectiles on a junior high school in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

While the pending “final offensive” against the populations of Fallujah and Ramadi is premeditated by the Pentagon, the attack on the New Jersey school was the result of an intelligent pilot using smart weapons, the same that shower death and destruction over Iraq.

In both cases the war toys are the most modern technology developed by the US military industrial complex, capable of filling cemeteries with “collateral” victims as a gift from an administration gone mad with power and new “mandate” to use it.

CNN news network, one of the most “objective” voices of the US government, informed that hundreds, possibly thousands, of civilians could add to the list of some 100,000 dead, in a new offensive against these bastions of Iraqi resistance.

The locals are accused by the puppet government of the crime of opposing the occupation by a foreign army that for more than a decade has bombed, sacked and impoverished their country.

The stated strategy of the commander-in-chief from Texas and his lackey in Iraq is to soften up the population to get it to accept the illegitimate elections planned for next January.

Every “insurgent” eliminated is after all one less abstention. Each child killed is one future insurgent liquidated and one less mouth to receive the crumbs offered as “humanitarian assistance” and “development” made in the USA for the Third World.

Returning to the north, another CNN headline informed on November 4 that the US people are content with the reelection of Bush Jr. The following day, citing AP, CNN treated an air strike on a school in Little Egg Harbor New Jersey, using M61-A1 cannons, as a simple mistake.

Fortunately classes were not in session when the attack occurred. This saved innocent young Americans from suffering the same fate as their peers in Iraq or Palestine, where bombing takes place day and night and each dead body is justified by the divine right to carry out a crusade against terrorism and impose a strange type of democracy that is increasingly rejected outside the well kept White House lawns.

According to the latest US election returns, a whopping 27.3 percent of the voting age population elected Bush for four more years. However, the rest of the world and especially the so-called South did not give him their vote and will instead continue to develop alternatives to a model that has only brought misery and mourning to the large majorities.

The way things are going these days in the minds of those that rule the US, little by little all those “other” countries will become “dark corners.” But despite the arrogance of the Bush administration, the last word has not been said.


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