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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fahrenheit 9/11 and the Cuban Five

By Circles Robinson
July, 2004

After seeing the Havana premiere of Fahrenheit 9/11 the other night it became even more clear that Michael Moore has created a troublesome dilemma for mainstream America.

Most United States citizens want to believe in their country.
That it is on the right side of wars, just like in 95% of the movies.

Most also want to believe in their government, that it represents the public and thus their best interest.

While the commission investigating 9/11 used the “intelligence” community as the scapegoat and blames both the incumbent and previous administrations for not capturing the signals on the events leading up to the tragedy, Fahrenheit doesn’t let Bush off the hook so easy.

His close multi-million (or billion) dollar relationship with the Bin Laden and Saudi royal families makes “good Americans” wonder who comes first, country or business.

Brings to mind a certain coppery companies and their relation to Richard Nixon and the 9/11/73 coup against Chilean President Salvador Allende.

As people leave movie theaters in the US many are asking: Is it ok for a president to act like a board member of a select group of corporations? Does that represent the best interests of the nation?

Obviously a film cannot do everything, and this documentary is a major contribution to truth, an invaluable tool for increasing awareness across the USA.

However, there was one area that could have been a lot stronger and put icing on the already convincing cake.

It’s no secret that besides Jeb Bush and other people well connected to the president, Florida harbors a considerable number of unrepentant terrorist organizations that operate against Cuba with the consent and backing of the US government.

These groups repay their sponsors and protectors with campaign contributions, political favors, votes, and terror Chicago gangland style.

Their involvement in the Bay of Pigs, Watergate, the Kennedy assassination, Iran-Contra Affair, biological warfare, blowing up planes, kidnapping children and murdering diplomats on US soil are all part of the public record. There is abundant video footage and print material on the subject.

The many meetings between the Bushes and the leaders of these terrorist groups are just as incriminating of conflict of interest as the business relationships with the Royal Saudi’s and the Bin Laden family.

In that light, there are five Cubans held in five US maximum security prisons for having done exactly what Moore does with his Fahrenheit 9/11.

Just as Moore does an excellent job trying to save the US youth from a death sentence in a Bush war, the Cuban Five worked tirelessly to expose terrorist plots hatched in Miami to save both Cuban and American lives.

For their work in the people’s interest, the Cuban Five were railroaded into prison in 1998 and after their irregularities plagued 2001 trial were handed extremely harsh sentences by a totally biased Miami court.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration, conservative think tanks and the corporations that benefit from the “war president’s” policies are now in a no-holds-barred battle against Michael Moore.

I truly hope Moore does not have the same or a worse fate than the Cuban Five.


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