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Thursday, August 30, 2007

War on Newcomer Aliens in the USA

By Circles Robinson

Federal immigration agents, a sheriff’s posse and local cops were very proud this week for having teamed up to arrest 160 aliens at Koch Foods in Fairfield, Ohio. To their credit, no reports were made of the aliens being declared enemy combatants for having butchered US fryers.

With a smile a block wide, Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones —no doubt of alien blood himself— said, “This is what can happen when we all work together.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) authorities said they had been watching Koch Foods for two years and suspected it of hiring aliens at their poultry processing plant.

Sherriff Jones also bragged of doubling as a business consultant advising firms in newspaper ads to hire established aliens instead of newcomers.

However, anybody with a grammar school education knows that besides the Native Americans who were already present before the British, French and Spanish colonization, the entire US nation was built on aliens. In fact, the non-aliens weren’t given any rights under the US Constitution that took effect in 1789. Many other aliens, called slaves, were also left out of the newly founded alien nation.

Tens of millions of aliens from around the world arrived in the US as recently as the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Many began as “illegal” aliens and later became “legal” aliens.

Whether the aliens working in Ohio will receive their wages or not was not mentioned much less the situation of their alien relatives with them in the US. Their children may end up being candidates for adoption by wealthier aliens or descendents.


Koch Foods played dumb. The company said it is “committed to complying with all immigration laws and looks forward to resolving the matter quickly.” Koch told the ICE authorities that it doesn’t distinguish between its aliens. The company says all its workers had presented their papers.

If their lawyers do a good job and the court is “friendly” it will take into account that Koch is a major employer and the fine involved could even be less than the back pay and benefits that should be paid to the 160 arrested aliens.

Despite the round-up, Koch said it will continue to produce its chicken products with the other 340 aliens and alien descendents.


Everyone involved in this story is an alien. The difference is that established aliens get one salary with certain benefits and newer aliens get another lower one, often without benefits they can make use of.

The presence of newer aliens can also bring down the pay of established aliens, something the corporations aren’t complaining about.

Instead of allowing businesses to cut costs by cutting wages using newcomer aliens, why not pass a law that makes all aliens equal and make sure they all get the same pay and benefits for the same work, documentation aside?

Meanwhile, if Sherriff Jones, legislators and the White House would like to see less newcomer aliens in their country of aliens, they might make an about face on a two-century-old foreign policy that has led to a stampede into the USA.


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