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Monday, January 22, 2007

Cuba’s Bin Laden Gets Miami Podium

By Circles Robinson

Osama Bin Laden need not look to Arab media outlets to broadcast his reasoning for waging war on the US. The Nuevo Herald, the Miami Herald’s sister Spanish language daily, would probably be more than willing to host his messages and maybe even pay him to boot.

Last week, the Herald gave unrepentant terrorist Orlando Bosch space to defend Luis Posada Carriles, another self-exile from Cuba the FBI once called the most dangerous terrorist on the continent. The newspaper did not say whether Bosch is being paid for his column.

The Miami Herald was immersed in another ethical scandal last fall after it admitted having paid US government agents doubling as reporters and columnists. The matter ended when Jesus Diaz, the publisher who recognized the conflict of interest, was he himself forced to resign while the dismissed “journalists” were welcomed back.

Luis Posada and Orlando Bosch are not your everyday pistol-toting gang members. They have bragged about blowing up a plane full of people, placing bombs in hotels, murdering diplomats and other juicy crimes. In her book “We placed the bomb and So What!” Venezuelan journalist Alicia Herrera allows Bosch and company the chance to volunteer their long list of deeds.

Bosch is free in Miami because the president’s father George H. Bush gave him a presidential pardon and residency in 1990 that washed over his life-long record of terrorist activities in the United States, Cuba and a host of Latin American and European nations. Logically, he believes his buddy Posada deserves the same treatment.

Posada is currently being protected by the US Immigration Service from extradition to Venezuela where he was a naturalized citizen. As a smokescreen, he faces a seven-count indictment on lying about how he “snuck” into the United States, which could actually lead to his release from custody.

Like Posada Carriles, Bosch is seen as a God in the Republic of Miami by diehard exile groups and a spider web of others reaping the benefits of hundreds of millions of US taxpayer’s dollars flowing to those who slander, lobby against and conspire to commit violent acts on neighboring Cuba.

Last Friday, a Free Posada demonstration took place in the heart of Miami’s Little Havana. When a peaceful group of counter demonstrators unveiled their banner calling Posada a terrorist, they were brutally attacked by members of the angry crowd.

On numerous occasions these same groups have threatened and used violence and intimidation against anyone from business owners to jury members and journalists who oppose their hard-line stance on Cuba. That’s their brand of American democracy and they get away with it in Miami-Dade County.

According to Bosch in his Herald column, the charges against Posada for false testimony don’t compare with “the services Luis has given to this great nation during the Cold War,” which merits his being allowed to walk.

If that logic is allowed to stand, Osama Bin Laden has no reason to fear being captured. He like Posada was a close collaborator of the CIA and the US Armed Forces and he too fought communism tooth and nail. Doesn’t he deserve the right to retire in a condo on Miami Beach?

Bosch went on to give his view on the US occupation of Iraq: “When you act with justice, the dogs of hell bark and the United States should not fear this, much less the government of President George W. Bush who decided to go to war in Asia to free a people.”

The administration couldn’t have a better defender of its “war on terror.”


Blogger db said...

Sickening, ain't it? Can't send Posada back to Cuba or Venezuela, either, 'cuz he might be TORTURED. Not that we're like to send him to Guantanamo! Bet he walks, like the other creep. Slightly embarrassing, tho', considering, but it's not like it's a new thing.

We got a bunch of Chechnyan (sp?) terrorists living here, along with various and sundry unshady Central and South American types, so what's one more in the scheme of things? OBL is probably living it up in the White House basement, too.

At this stage, NOTHING would surprise me.

Idle question. Do you ever respond to your comments?


12:44 AM  

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